about us

About Lifeset Psychology Centre

Lifeset Psychology Centre, as the name implies has been an offset of a group of trained professionals who are psychotherapists and psychologists who work for a common cause of providing counseling services to the individuals who feel the need of counseling as they are subjected to various stress or trauma situations.

As an individual if you have become a victim of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, addiction, your concerns can be addressed very well and become free from these disorders through psychological counseling sessions at Lifeset Psychology. As we make the individuals to get over the negative thoughts which keep bothering them too often and our series of sessions can further reinforce and make them get rid of such impediments.

Customized Counseling Services made available

The counseling services at Lifeset Psychology Centre are comprehensively customized in order to suit a particular individual and his intricate necessities. Our entire range of counselling services is carried out in a most subtle, warm, supportive and above all with a compassionate tranquil environment.

The team have got their expertise and experience in handling various kinds of mental health problems, so you can be rest assured that you would get completely rid of many such inhibitions.

Our Thought Process

Our Thought Process gets initiated with a belief, that, “Changes is quite possible after a successful counseling services and counseling services are designed in such a way that it helps to resolve the concerns which keeps bothering you all the time”

Our Milestones

Since the inception, “Lifset Psychological Centre have had many milestones with reference to restoring the individuals back to normalcy and at the same time these individuals lead a successful life ahead when it comes to their professional and personal life.”