Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs psychological counseling sessions?

The psychological counseling is centered on students, parents, who are unable to tackle the conflicts in their family or professional circuit. On the contrary, these individuals get a huge relief through counseling session and the counselors who get involved in the counseling session often make them get rid of the situations that have made them impaired.

Will I really get relieved out of my psychological problems that can keeps bothering me?

Most of the counselors at Lifeset Psychological Centre, are qualified, well trained and also expertise in handling specific areas of psychological concerns. The first hand assessment at Lifeset Psychological centre will enable us to engage the individual with a specialized counselor who can work on you and make you feel free of the growing concern in you.

How long will I be associated with Lifeset Psychology Centre?

The time duration for the psychological counseling at Lifeset completely depends on the type of concerns brought in by the individual and how the individual interacts with our expert counselor panel. However, there is no fixed time period of your association with Lifeset.

What is the duration of a particular counseling session?

The counseling sessions that we provide is completely customized and is designed as per the needs of the individual who is taking the counseling. Normally, a single counseling session that Life set Psychological Centre undertakes is somewhere between 45-50 minutes long, and sometimes the counseling time can be extended or minimized based on the individual’s mental condition.

How does the counseling work with individuals?

Lifeset Psychology Centre undertakes counseling sessions based on the inputs and the psychometric assessments taken by the individual. The counseling sessions are planned based on the psychometric assessments and the individual can choose either online session, physically meeting our panel of counselors and through our franchise network that are spread across the length and breadth of the city.

How should I ensure that the information shared with you is secure?

Lifeset Psychology Centre has always been very cautious about the personal information shared by the individual and we ensure that the information furnished during the counseling session is kept confidential with us. The management takes complete responsibility of the information and use the same only for the counseling and training services.

What are the general concerns of the students when consulting a psychological counselor?

Students generally visit a psychology centre for a plethora of reasons; these reasons can pertain to an academic dilemma of choosing the right academic path. The students are unable to take a decision and require counseling session in order to take up a firm decision. The counseling sessions would immensely benefit them to take the right academic career and helps them to plan well.

In certain cases, many children do have an issue concerning their normal development and often suffer an identity crisis or certain relationship issues. These issues when ignored leads to grave concern such as depression, anxiety, stress and childhood trauma. The progressive psychological counseling helps the children to revive back to the brighter end of their lives and get rid of the trauma.

Are you seriously looking forward to revive the best of human potentials?

We focus on a unique, result-oriented therapy which finds out the root cause of the psychological problem as we have our trained counsellors, who are a team of psychologists, psychotherapists, language trainers and life skill trainers. These trained counsellors have been specifically trained on the alternative therapy or holistic therapy and are always on their job to answer any questions that you come across which concerns the mental health.

We are quite recognised and popular in the market to have the combination of the best ancient wisdom of holistic therapy with modern intelligence.